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Welcome to

The Meadowview Art Center at Art Lab, William King Museum of Art, Abingdon, VA

The MAC fine arts include traditional and emerging art forms within, but not limited to, the visual arts, performing arts and literary arts. To support a diverse community of artists and arts... programs provide affordability in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Join us online or at our studio for a fun & educational time.
Pick from theater, painting, drawing, sculpting lessons, and more.


Our community art center is making big plans! Stay tuned for a variety of more diverse classes! 

Actors on stage

Performing Arts

Currently, we are offering several types of Performing Arts classes for two age groups. Stay tuned for more classes, including adult theater classes! Classes include Theater Performance, Improv, Script Writing, Play Analysis, Poetry, Creative Writing, Story Telling...


We are ready to start our popular pottery classes! Stay tuned for continuing class schedules and updates!

Pottery Wheel
Biology Drawing Class

Illustration, Painting, & Mixed Media

Stay tuned for our ever-changing class schedules!

Additional Classes/Continuing Education

We plan on offering many different types of classes including, but not limited to, Online Classes, Basketry, Crafting, Genealogy, Stained Glass, Photography, Gardening, Wellness, Herbalism... Check back often to see what's new! 

Educational Gardening
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Affiliate Artists

Become an Affiliate Artist! 



This is just what our community needs! 

Bo’s mom

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